9 Links I Heart

1. 44 tips to have a happy marriage from my sweet friend's parents who have been married 44 years. So sweet. (caravansonnet.com)

2.  I need these hot pink Nikes in my life. (pinterest.com)

3. Sweetest print from Naptime Diaries Shop. (naptimediariesshop.com) 

4. A bunch of you sweet friends joined me on 20 Things About Me. Megan's is so fun. (tlordims.blogspot.com)

5. I'm loving this ab workout. (youtube.com) 

6. This 6 minute video by a man who lost his 8 year old daughter to cancer will change your life. (sweethomesb.blogspot.com) 

7. I'm kind of in love with this darling plate. (anthropologie.com) 

8. In a culture that screams the opposite, sometimes we need to stop & be reminded that God's not dead, He is surely alive. (youtube.com)

9. How to make kindness less random. (thefriendlife.com) 

Have a happy, safe, encouraging weekend, beautiful friend! 
I'll be working a ton on my upcoming e-Book. 
I'm working hard to get it done - 
August was the goal, and because of some good changes 
I felt I wanted to make, September is the new date!
I will keep you posted and share lots of info 
in a post coming early next week. 
Thanks for all the love & support. 

Love you all!