Spring Fling Swap Day!

  Sooo... today is the day!! (wow, this was one exciting week at SI! And by SI, I mean Sweetness Itself,  not Sports Illustrated...although, it may have been an exciting week for them too, who knows, ha!) The Spring Fling Swap Day! I am so thankful L had the idea to put together the Spring Fling Swap. It's been such a sweet blessing to see some of you ladies meet new friends and bond over mutual interests and love for Jesus.

   My swap partner was L, my co-host - who blogs over at All Glorious Within And happily,  I  received her precious package, full of love and thoughtfulness!

if ya gotta cover up the addresses, might as well have fun with it...

And L, you'll notice that I am wearing the ring that came in the box..got a little excited & forgot to take pics as I was opening the box!
(this was taken after opening ;)

opening my encouraging card

I just loved everything she sent! So sweet.

I laid it all out on my bed and took a picture to show you all what she sent,
and then I was like, "Wait, something's missing...."

Oh DUH, it's the headband I'm wearing.
I got so excited about it, I put it on and then couldn't find it. Yeah...that happened.
But isn't it cute?

the lovely gifts:

1. Beautiful print for my Wall of Inspiration, that L took herself! Impressed.
2. Flip flops from Aeropostale - totes adorbs. (Waiit.. did I just say "totes adorbs"? I am losing it...) And the best thing about them? They're pink!
3. A lovely necklace .... it's just so elegant!
4. My much-loved headband. (handmade by L, again...man, she's creative)
5. 2 gorgeous bracelets (again, handmade by L - out of PAPER. Yes, paper. Amazing.)
6. You can't really see it 'cause it's teeny-tiny in the picture, but it is a take-my-breath-away-it's-so-pretty rose ring.
7. Very sweet card!
8. Beautiful (and pink, of course) camera bag - and who made it, you ask? Oh L did. She's a one-woman wonder, I tell ya!)
Me just loving my sandals.

(Oh, and you may notice the gigantic white heart I strategically placed over my entire midriff that peeped out for this pic. Didn't wanna flash y'all...'cause of course, modest is hottest, right? ;) But...on another note - who wears pink and purple at the same time, when they're not 12? Gotta be honest - me. But just around the house, FYI...)

  Girlies, thank you to all who participated in the swap! Go link up below, because I am SO excited to read all your posts and see every little thing ya got.

And for those who didn't - I don't want you to feel left out! So, go enter my giveaway because then you just might be getting more than a couple AMAZING boxes of loot too!

  I pray that at the end of this swap, you have found yourself not only with a new pair of summer sandals and some fun treats, but with a new friend and sister! That was the goal of the swap - encouragement. 'Cause we all need it, right? I know I do. And for you dear gals who live outside the US, I apologize that we weren't able to include you this time :( But hopefully next time.....yeah, there may be a next time! Thanks for being a part :)

Love and hugs to you all.

Happy Friday!



PS - more love from me coming atcha this weekend.